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Florida’s “best coast” is…
the West Coast.

“Veterinary medicine continues to evolve. As a veterinary doctor, your voice is the most important in the industry.”


With so many career opportunities available to veterinarians, how do you choose where to practice?

On the outside, there appears to be a shortage of veterinarians, because many hospitals are having a difficult time finding them.  The truth though is that many hospitals are having trouble KEEPING veterinarians, due to their overbearing management and profit driven business styles.

Many veterinarians leave the field before ever achieving a full career, because they feel empty. The average career-span of a full-time veterinarian is 10 years in the field, at which they either quit, go into part-time “relief” work, or change to a peripheral career (lab, research, non-profit, etc.).

We understand.

At Community Animal Hospitals & DAMC, we’ve created an environment that is collaborative, giving you the opportunity to be a leader in the industry. Our corporate structure is light, making your opinion easy to hear.

We’re hiring veterinarians right now, and looking for someone just like you.

Join us, and practice the vet-med you always dreamed of.

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We need you…
We need your voice, your talent and your passion.

Join our team and practice your style of vet-med, while earning a great salary & working 4-day days a week in a collaborative work culture.

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