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DTSP (Downtown St. Pete)

With a Coconut Grove (Miami) vibe, Downtown St. Pete is the metropolitan mecca of Tampa Bay nightlife.


Cassis American Brasserie, DTSP With so many options for dining and fun, DTSP could be your steady for years. From 31st St., 3 miles down Central Ave. through the Grand Central District
all the way to Beach Dr., there are dozens and dozens of options for lunch and dinner.The Moon Under Water, outdoor dining in DTSP

Daytime or night time, DTSP is the cultural heartbeat of Tampa Bay.


DTSP nightlife

Night clubs and bars pepper Central Ave. from 31st St. to Beach Dr.

There is literally something for everyone, which is why St. Pete is the go-to for fun in Tampa Bay.


Vinoy Park, DTSP

One of the most talked about and visited parks in St. Petersburg’s downtown waterfront is Vinoy Park.  Named after the Vinoy Park Hotel, which once sat adjacent to the park, the park has some of the most scenic views in St. Petersburg and is a popular place to rent for hosting events, such as festivals, concerts, and sporting events.

Besides its popularity for events, it’s also a popular place for fitness and offers recreation trails along the waterfront of avid walkers, runners and bikers.

Pay & Benefits

The Most Important Individual


When a veterinarian comes to work each day, they are the most important person in the building, because without them, there is no business.

The revenue generated through the vet’s activities each hour, pays every employee in the building.

That’s the case, no matter what hospital you work in.

A Doctor’s Value

A doctor once said, “It doesn’t matter how hard I work, I still get paid the same.”  As smart as that doctor was about medicine, they were not very bright about business.

That doctor didn’t realize how important they were to the entire hospital staff.  That doctor didn’t seem to understand that the everyone in the hospital relied on their production for their very livelihoods.

The technicians listening didn’t appear to understand it either, because if they did, they might be more eager to support the doctor to be more productive.

There are 2 types of money that every hospital administrator is concerned with – expenses & revenue.  Veterinary clients provide revenue that is used to pay the hospital’s expenses.

And who’s driving the bus?  The DVM.

Vet-Med vs…

Veterinary medicine is a little different than, say, manufacturing.  In manufacturing, there are a number of key entities that need to work for the entire operation to produce revenue and be profitable.  If the assembly line stops, there are no products to sell.  If the sales & marketing team stops, money stops coming in to pay the employees.  If the fulfillment team stops, then orders fail to get delivered, thereby destroying consumer confidence, resulting in refund requests and killing brand loyalty.

As a veterinary doctor at one of our hospitals, you’ll have up to 4 technicians working with you, plus 1-2 Client Services Specialists (receptionists).  You’re job duties will be a combination of medicine & delegation of tasks & responsibilities to the technicians and CSSs.

The goal is to maximize the efficiency of your day, to ensure that you can practice medicine to the best of your abilities.

Many hospitals have a 1.5-to-1 or a 2-to-1 technician-to-doctor ratio.  Fewer technicians means that the doctor has to perform more technician tasks and less medicine, ultimately seeing fewer patients, because more time is spent with the pets.  This type of environment can leave a vet feeling rushed all day, and exhausted at the end of it.

With more qualified support staff helping the doctor, the doctor is able to physically see more patients, generating enough revenue to pay everyone in the building.

Get Paid What You’re Worth

Being a doctor in one of our hospitals means that you get to practice medicine without feeling overwhelmed.

It also means that you’ll get paid a little more than the industry standard, while working in paradise.

Cities & Towns

Dunedin, Florida

Dunedin is one of the greatest little towns in Florida… and possibly the country.

welcome to Downtown Dunedin

Downtown Dunedin’s village quaintness often feels like a theme park, with it’s active community participation, progressive vision and masterful planning.

Dunedin also sets the standard for neighboring communities along the Alt. 19 corridor, from Tarpon Springs in the north, and Clearwater in the south, creating a 15 mile stretch of paradise.

Downtown Dunedin Florida
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Located on the Gulf Coast waters, minutes away from white sand beaches and the Pinellas Trail cutting through the heart of Downtown, Dunedin is the most comfortable town in Pinellas county.

Living in Dunedin puts you just 23 miles from Downtown St. Pete and only 25 miles from Downtown Tampa.  You’re also less than 2 hours from Disney and all the major theme parks.

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Dunedin exemplifies Florida weather, with an average annual temperature of 79 degrees, rarely requiring more than shorts and sandals.

Year-round outdoor fun.

Walking in Dunedin FloridaFACTS ABOUT DUNEDIN

  • July 1, 1945 Dunedin (Dunedin Isles Golf Club Golf Course) officially became the first home course of the PGA (Professional Golfers Association) of America
  • W.K. Kellogg (Corn Flakes), purchased a mansion in 1934 to call Dunedin his winter home.
  • Frozen orange juice concentrate was invented in Dunedin.
  • The “Pram” sailboat racer (1947) originated here, invented and built by Clark Mills in his Dunedin shop.
  • The first radio signals from Pinellas County were sent from Dunedin (Fenway Hotel).
  • The oldest continuous garden club on Florida’s west coast is the Dunedin Garden Club (est. 1929).
  • Home to Caladesi and Honeymoon Island, these used to be one island, until a hurricane separated them into two, in 1921.
  • Formerly called “Hog Island”, Honeymoon Island received national attention in 1940, when the owner of the island invited newlyweds to come honeymoon on it. Newlyweds stayed in thatched huts built on the beach, participated in recreational activities and visited with other couples.
Fenway Hotel, Dunedin, Florida
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