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by Be a Vet in Tampa Bay

The Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) is a science and technology museum located in Tampa, Florida. The museum is dedicated to providing visitors with interactive exhibits and educational programs that explore the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects.

MOSI is divided into several sections, each of which offers a unique perspective on science and technology. The first section is the Explore It section, which features hands-on exhibits that allow visitors to learn about physics, mechanics, and other scientific concepts through interactive experiences. Visitors can try their hand at building a rollercoaster, piloting a flight simulator, or experimenting with renewable energy sources.

The second section of MOSI is the Idea Zone, where visitors can explore the latest technology and innovations in science and engineering. This section includes exhibits on robotics, nanotechnology, and biotechnology, as well as a variety of interactive displays that allow visitors to learn about the science behind everyday objects.

The third section of MOSI is the IMAX Dome Theater, which features a 10,500-square-foot screen that immerses viewers in breathtaking images of the natural world. The theater shows a variety of films, including documentaries, Hollywood blockbusters, and educational films that explore science and nature.

The fourth section of MOSI is the Saunders Planetarium, which offers visitors a chance to explore the wonders of the universe. The planetarium features a 360-degree dome that projects images of the night sky, allowing visitors to explore the stars and planets in a stunningly realistic setting.

In addition to its permanent exhibits, MOSI also hosts a variety of special events and temporary exhibits throughout the year. These events include workshops, lectures, and hands-on activities that allow visitors to engage with science and technology in new and exciting ways.

Ticket prices for MOSI vary depending on the type of ticket and the age of the visitor. Adult tickets are $12.95, while children’s tickets are $10.95. Seniors and students receive a discounted ticket price of $11.95. MOSI also offers memberships, which provide unlimited access to the museum and discounts on special events and programs.

Overall, MOSI is an exciting and educational destination for visitors of all ages. With its interactive exhibits, educational programs, and special events, MOSI is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in science and technology.

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